Professional Event Transportation Services

Meeting your event goals while exceeding your expectations.

A Transportation Partner You Can Trust

Organizing an event can be both exciting and overwhelming, but nevertheless a successful event is rewarding!

With everything you and your team have to manage, let GETZ manage your transportation and know that things are handled.


We offer turnkey transportation solutions to assist you in moving your event guests. From airport transfers to moving thousands of guests at once, we've got you and your guests covered.

Our tried-and-true SolutionFit methodology is our approach to exceeding our client's unique needs:

1. Obtain a total understanding of your program and transportation needs

2. Develop a comprehensive and cost-effective plan to meet your requirements

3. Use our experience and knowledge to excute the plan, flawlessly

About Us

We are a woman-owned small business enterprise with more than 40 years of experience in the transportation industry and founded with the passion and vision of providing economical solutions for all types of event transportation needs. GETZ has the unique ability to properly scale operations to adequately meet program requirements ranging from a few vehicles to hundreds. 

Our mission, to develop and deliver the best event transport solutions for our customers, originates from our core values of Safety, Responsiveness, Passion, Innovation, Respect and Partnership.


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