Delivering The Best In Event Transportation Solutions

Transport Solutions

Mass Movement

Group Movement

Planning to move large groups, at once, takes careful consideration of time, space, and budget. Through our SolutionFit process, we help determine exactly how to best move your group without wasted time and finances

City-wide and Park & Ride Shuttles


Specially formulated plans to meet your needs and requirements.

Our partnerships allow us to provide you with the vehicles you need and our experience allows us to ensure your vehicles are being used efficiently

Airport Ground Transport

Arrivals and Departures

It is imperative your Airport ground transfers are flawless. Our experience in handling all manners of groups and key executives will show while we guide you through the planning steps.

Technology Solutions

GETZ Tracker

Complete Event Management

Our asset tracking platform can easily incorporate various GPS tracking devices to provide a comprehensive tracking view

Scheduling and hourly vehicle financial reconciliation is done based on actual report and end times

Ridership reporting and summaries are available for push notifications and dashboard viewing

Reservation Systems

Secure Online Seat Purchasing

Allow our Technology Team to customize a ticket reservation system for your Shuttle or Parking Event needs.

Exception Reporting

Incident Escalation

Should incidents occur during service, our team in the field documents these incidents via our event management app, GETZ Tracker, and the information is automatically pushed out to operation leaders to determine escalation steps

Planning Solutions

RFP Development

What To Ask For?

We can help navigate you through the process and develop your RFP questions and requirements to be specific to the Transportation Industry, thus generating responses that will be consistent, reliable, and will help you make the right decision the first time.

Venue Planning

Designing The Outdoor Space for Buses

New event venues should carefully consider accommodating large vehicles even if they are not a part of the day-to-day operations. Consult a transport solution company like GETZ to ensure you don't have headaches down the road with large groups

Shuttle System Design

Efficient Solutions to Group Movement

We take all modes of transportation into consideration and help develop unique shuttle systems for events and venues alike. If you want to know what is possible at your event or venue, in terms of being able to transport people in and out, give us a call

Parking Solutions

Event Parking

Event Parking

Let us help solve your parking problems with the experienced men and women on our parking team. From lined parking lots to open fields, our team has the ability to park vehicles efficiently and safely under any circumstance

Permit Parking

Onsite and Pre-Sale Tickets

We can manage more complex parking operations involving permits or tickets, and those can be sold onsite or available through our reservation system for pre-sale

Working Together

Connecting Parking and Transport

Even if GETZ is not your provider for both parking and transportation, we understand the value to our clients of a parking team and transport team that communicates effectively. We pride ourselves on being excellent team members while working to a goal of a safe and successful event